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Cupcakes to Go!

I was snack mom at my daughters soccer game and it was also her birthday, so I decided cupcakes would be the best treat. I needed a way to transport then that would be easy.  So, I decided that I would wrap each of the cupcakes individually.  It is amazing what a little wrapping can do to make something so simple look fancy and fun!

Here is what you need:

  • Cupcakes (I choose to make them but store bought will do)
  • Bags
  • 9 oz clear plastic cups
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons



First, cut all the ribbons 9” long.  I used three different ribbons,  I cut all the ribbon and set them in piles so that I could grab them easily.

Then, I put a cupcake in each cup.  Try to drop the cupcakes into the cup as straight as possible so you don’t hit the side of the cup with the frosting or touch the frosting on the cupcake with your fingers.

Next, I inserted them into the bags.

Finally, take one of each color ribbons from your cut piles and tie them around the bag.

cupcakes-to-go 2

This was such a simple process.  All the parents were in awe and many of them said that they will be stealing the idea.  This got me thinking how easy it is to wrap the cupcake, so from now on, I will be placing all the supplies at the table of my next party that I serve cupcakes so the guest can take a cupcake home with them. You could also add tags to the cupcakes to create a personal touch.


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