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Creepy Halloween Serving Trays

We are at it again a few of my fellow bloggers and I have hit the dollar bins at Target and turned a $1.00 item into something creative and fun. Our challenge this time was to transform black Halloween trays, I decided to transform mine into Creepy Halloween Serving Trays. I made one  tray that would rest on the table, while the other tray sits on bones to give height to the trays.

black serving tray

Materials need:

  • Black serving trays
  • Halloween table cloth
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Halloween Hands and Bones (I found mine at the 99cent store)
  • Hot Glue Gun

For my 1st Creepy Halloween Serving Tray:

Step One: Started off by cutting the tablecloth to fit on the inside of the tray.  You can trace the outside of the tray on the table cloth to get an idea of the size but will have to cut it a little small to accommodate for the trays sides.



Step Two: Use spray adhesives to spray the inside of the tray and placed the piece of cut tablecloth into the tray.


I used the lid of the adhesive spray can to smooth out the tablecloth and make sure it was adhered to the tray.


Step Three: Hot glue the plastic skeleton hands to the side of the trays.


Here you have the 1st  Creepy Halloween Serving Tray.


My 2nd Halloween Creepy Serving Tray:

Steps One: Repeat from above

Step Two: Repeat from above

Step Three:  The bones I purchased had hands, stakes and chains attached to them so I cut off the stake and pulled off the hands. I left the chains and I used then to connect the bones giving added character.




Step 4: Hot glue the bones to the bottom of the trays on each corner.


Here you have the 2nd Creepy Halloween Serving Tray


Here is a picture of the two finished Creepy Halloween Serving Trays



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Creepy Halloween serving trays

These little black trays can be transformed into so many different things.  Check out two of the other bloggers that participated in this Dollar Bin Challenge, simply amazing what a little creativity can do to one item!








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  1. These turned out SO cool!!! I love them!

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