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Christmas gift cards wrapping

Christmas is soon approaching and the gift giving has already begun.  I don’t know about you but I have several gift exchanges to go to this year or as others might say White Elephant exchanges.   Some of these gift exchanges are gag gifts while others are actual presents with a set dollar amount.  I always try to hit the Black Friday sales and purchase a great gift.  I hate giving a gift that I wouldn’t want to get myself.  This year we were out of town and didn’t have time to get a gift for the party we attended last weekend.  So I purchased some gift card and Lotto tickets.  My problem with this is when you bring a small light package into the party everyone knows it a gift card. So, we decided we need to have creative Christmas gift card wrapping.

My  husband and I got creative, we looked around the house for something to put them in so they wouldn’t be so obvious.  Here is what we came up with.

Our first gift we decided to tape the gift card and some lotto tickets to a brick.

Creative-ways-to wrap-gift-cards 1

Then, we placed it inside of a Jack Daniels tin that we had.

creative-ways-to-wrap-gift-cards 2

Final, we wrapped and placed a bow on top.  The weight of the brick made it feel as if the bottle was inside!  This can be done with any tin or box.  Adding weight is a great disguise.

Creative-ways-to-wrap-gift-cards 3

Our second gift we used a coffee tin that we had.

 creative-ways-to-wrap-gift-cards 5

I simply placed the gift card and lotto tickets inside.  If you shock the tin it didn’t sound like a gift card was inside.

 creative-ways-to-wrap-gift-cards 6

Then, we wrapped it and placed a bow on it.

 creative-ways-to-wrap-gift-cards 8

There are so many ways to wrap a gift.  Let your creativity go and use things around your house and you will be amazed how you can disguise a gift.

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  1. Great Ideas! I’m stealing the one with the brick! Lol

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