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Create Your Own Photo Key Chain!

Capturing a memory on film is always exciting.  Being able to carry it around and show it off, is even more exciting.  I have a few people that I wanted to give gifts to this year so I thought I would make them Photo Key Chains with their family pictures on them.  I even made one with a school logo on it for my daughter school principle and one for my daughters soccer mom.  They are a lot of fun to make.


You will need.

  • Key rings
  • Chain
  • Fast Fix Decoupage by Beacon
  • Beads
  • A Photo
  • Pendants
  • Pliers
  • Small metal jewelry rings

The first thing you need it to decide which image you would like to use. I printed it in a few different sizes to see which one would fit best or check the packaging for exact size for printing.

 Photo-keychain 20

Now, figure out how long you want the chain to be.  I cut the chain to about 2” long and  1” long.

Photo-Key-Chain 1

Use the pliers to open one of the links in the chain to get your desired length.

Photo-Key-Chain 2

I added a ring to the end of the chain where I will add the pendent and one to make it easy to attach to the key ring.

Photo-Key-Chain 3

Photo-key-chain 6

Use the pliers to close the ring.

photo-keychain 8

Once, I finished preparing the chains I added the embellishments. I found some metal die cut words in the dollar bins at Michael’s Craft Store, pearls that I had from necklace and the pendant to add the picture to. Once, I decided which ones to  pair together, I added a ring to the embellishments the same way I did to the chains above.

Photo-Key-Chain 4

Then, decide which pendent you will be adding your picture too. Use the pendant to trace the picture. Then cut out the picture.

photo-keychain 11

Next, I used Fast Fix Decoupage by Beacon and add a small drop on the pendant and placed the picture on it.  Make sure the picture is flat.

Photo-keychain 12

Once, the picture was positioned how I wanted it I add enough fast fix decoupage to cover the entire picture.  It will be runny so be careful if moving the pendent before dry.

photo-keychain 13

Here are a few pictures while the pendants are drying.  If you notice any bubbles use a toothpick to drag them to the side.  Be careful not to touch the picture.

photo-keychains 11

The finished Photo Key Chains!

Photo-Keychain 10

Photo-Key-Chain 5


I can’t wait to give these as gifts.  I would be super excited to receive one myself!


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  1. These turned out so cute!!!

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