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Crab Sandwiches … Under the Sea Party Food

Do you ever wonder what to do with these fun candies eyes in the baking isle at Michaels?? I always see them and never really have had the use for them. Now, that I have them I can’t wait to use them for more projects.  For this projcet we used them as eyes for our crab Sandwiches that we are serving at our Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party we are having for my four year old daughter.  We decided to call these fun little sandwiches Sabastian Sandwiches after the fun little red crab named Sabastian in the Little Mermaid Movie.  Who happens to be one of my favorite characters too!

We started off making the eyes for our crab sandwiches.

Crab-sandwich 1

I actually used a glue gun to glue the eyes to a toothpick. (You can also use a stiff frosting for this so they are edible.)  I set them aside placed in a Styrofoam to hold the eyes in pairs until we placed them on the sandwiches. I have to say these eyes standing here make me think a little of Halloween.

Crab-sandwich 2 I made two different types of sandwiched per my daughter request, Peanut Butter and Jelly on mini croissants with two toothpick eyes.

Crab-sandwich 3

We also made Turkey and Cheese on mini croissant with two toothpicks for eyes for the other sandwiches.

crab-sandwich 4

Here is an example of how we displayed them at the party! They are so cute and fit out them just perfect.

crab-sandwich 5

The girls love the sandwiches, they got a kick out of the eyes and a few of them pulled them of the sticks and eat them…I did have to make sure there was no glue on them!  These would be cute for a school lunch too!


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Crab Sandwiches Collage 2

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