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Conversation Heart Valentine’s!

The New Year has come and gone.  Now, we get started again on all the holidays for the year.  Valentine’s Day is the next holiday in our book.  I asked my daughter last year if she wanted to make or buy Valentines for her class and she said make them. Valentine’s Day is one of the largest candy giving holiday, and my daughter welcome this with open arms.  Tiffany even wanted her Valentines to have candy, so we came up with the following Valentines!


What you will need:

* card stock

* Paper cutter

* Scissors

* Glue Sticks or double sided tape

* White paper

* Printer

* bags

* Staplers

* Conversation hearts

Homemade Valentine's Cards 1-1

The first thing we did was choose are cards stock, we picked the one’s that reminded us most of Valentine’s Day.  We used the paper cutter to cut  4″ squares out of the card stock.  Then we folded them in half. This created the top to our bag to place our label on.

Homemade Valentine's Cards 3-1

Homemade Valentine's Cards 2-1

Once, we had our tops all folded we used double sided type or a glue stick to place on the labels we printed for the tops.  We printed the labels 1″ by 4″ that reads” You’re a SWEETHEART” love Tiffany. Printing them smaller then the actual size of the top gave us a finished boarder look when adding the labels.We used a cupcake tin to count out the amount of conversations hearts that we could place in each bag.  Then, we also used the cupcake holder to hold the bags with conversation hearts while we were waiting to place the tops on.

Homemade Valentine's cards 5-1

Once we had the bags filled with the Conversations Hearts we stapled the tops to the bags.

Homemade Valentine's Cards 7-1

Here is Tiffany with her Valentines for the class.

Homemade Valentines Card 8-1

This was a fun, easy project that your kid can definitely do with you.  In the process of making them, we were able to practice counting, cutting and hand eye coordination when placing the labels  in the middle of the top for the bag.  These little bags would be great for a party favor at a party too. I can’t wait to see what the girls want to do this year for their Valentines.

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