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Clever Holder for Small Objects when Painting!

Do your children ever have a hard time painting something because it to small.  Is the item they are painting awkward and hard to hold onto.  I ran into this problem when we were making rings from a craft kit we purchased at Jo-Ann’s Craft Store. We purchased a little kit with plastic clear gemstones in it. Becca was so excited to make the rings but every time she went to paint the gemstone it would move. Becca was getting very frustrated so I came up with the idea of this clever holder to hold the gemstone while she painted the gemstone.

The first thing I did was grab a thing of play-doh.  We took some of the play-doh out of the container and placed it on the top of the container.

 holder 1

Then, we placed the gemstone in the middle of the play-doh on top of the jar. Press down lightly, if you press it to deep you will get paint all over the play-doh.

clever-holder 2

This held the gemstone in place while Becca painted and it gave her a place to hold on to so she had better control when painting.

clever-holder 3

clever-holder 7

When you finish painting and the gemstone (order item you’re painting) has dried press down on the play-doh on the sides of the gemstone and the gemstone or item will pops up for easy removal.

Clever-holder 4

Here are a few of the finished painted gemstone.  

  clever-holder 6

Once, we placed the gemstone in the play-doh, Becca had a great time painting and making her little masterpieces for her rings. Stop back by and check out the rings Becca made.

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