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Clam Cookies perfect for any Under The Sea Theme Party!

My daughter saw several different pictures of cute clam cookies on Pinterest and ready wanted me to them for her birthday.  I was having so much fun making all the props for her party and setting up when I realized I hadn’t made the cookies.  So, when we ran to the store, to get the food for the party, we head over to the cookie isle to find a prebaked cookie resembling a clam shell. I did not have time to bake clam shell shaped sugar cookies, so store bought had to do.


What you will need:

  • Cookies (store bought or baked)
  • Frosting
  • Pearl Candy

Clam-cookie 1

We started off by making our own frosting, but you can use store bought and it should work just fine.  If the store bought is to thin you might want to add some powder sugar and beat in a mixer until it thickens. Add frosting to the bottom of one of the cookies; make sure that one half of the cookie has a little more than the other half.

  clam-cookies 2

Now, add a pearl candy to the cookie with frosting, pkace it on the side with the least frosting. Due to the fact that I almost forgot to make these cookies, I only had gold pearls big enough to fit the size of cookie we purchased, so if you are making these I would use WHITE, in time crunches you just make thing happen with what you have!

clam-cookies 3

Now, take another cookie and place it with the bottom of the cookie on top of the cookie you just placed the frosting and pearl on.

clam-cookies 4

Here you have it Clam Cookies!

clam-cookies 5

I was using the clam cookies we made for my daughters Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party so I had a little fun when I plated them.  I placed them on the plate and it looked to plain so I quickly removed the cookies and added two different colored sprinkles to the plates.

clam-cookie 6

clam-cookies 7

Then, we placed the cookies back on the plate and the cookies were ready for the party!

clam-cookies 6

The cookies fit in just perfect with the decoration for the Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party and they tasted yummy too!

clam-cookies 8

The best thing about this last minute Clam Cookie creation it that it took less than a half hour to make and My Daughter was very Happy!

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