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Circus Themed Gift Wrapping

My daughter is heading to the circus today with her best friend for her birthday and she could not me more ecstatic!  She wanted Mia’s gift and wrapping to go with the circus theme!  We headed out and purchased a gift and a small gift to add to the wrapping.  I always like finding a small item to add to any gift to add a little flare. We also, picked up a few items that remind us of the Circus!  I think Becca immediately thought clown and for some reason she wanted gold wrapping paper.

We purchasing a clown bow tie, lollipop, and three clown hats. Mia will be taking Becca and their other bestie Taylor, so Becca insisted on three hats, one for each of them!  Buy purchasing a few fun items to go along with a theme you can make your wrapping come alive!

Circus-gift-wrap 1

First, we started by wrapping the gift.  Then, we added a ribbon that complimented our wrapping.

Circus-gift-wrapping 6

Next, we added the lollipop to the ribbon tied to the bow and added the clown bow tie we purchased.

Circus-gift-wrapping 2

We then taped a Circus themed Lalaloopsy to the top of the package.  We were able to lift the ribbon an little to fit it under the ribbon for added support.

Circus-gift-wrapping 5

To finish off the wrapping we added the hats to the gifts.  I did not tape them on, just in case the girls want to wear them.  They are 3 and 4 years old after-all.

Circus-gift-wrapping 3

Here is Becca so excited to give her gift to Mia!

Circus-gift-wrapping 4    Circus-gift-wrapping 7

Happy Birthday Mia!  Becca and all the Hostetler’s love you so much! You are one special little girl.

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  1. Mia opened her gift and loved it! The wrapping was gorgeous and all three girls wore their hats with pride! Thank you so much! Love you!!!

  2. So cute!! I love those striped hats!! And the big bow is perfect for the circus theme!

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