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Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions are an important part of the Christmas Seasons.  It seems as though over the years I have created a few of my own with my Family and Friends and have even carried on a few from my childhood.

My fondness memory as a child was preparing our bake goods for Christmas gift.  My mom was always a great baker so we would make at least 12 different types of bake good, if not more for family, friends, and neighbors.  One of my favorites was caramel popcorn and my second was decorated sugar cookie, my dad is a fantastic artist so we loved to watch him decorate them with us.  I now continue to make bake goods by the dozens with my immediate family, my Brothers, my nieces, my nephews, and mom.

Holiday-traditions-bake-goods 6-1

holiday-tradition-bake-goods 5-1

Elf on the shelf is now a fun family tradition that we do, even my 19 month old twins are starting to enjoy looking for her in the morning.  Holly is a very silly elf.

 Elf on the Shelf 4-1

We love going to our Cities Holiday Celebration, we have been attending our cities downtown Holiday celebration for years.  Singing, train rides, snow, nativity scenes, Christmas trees and Santa.  We have always had a blast and this year my oldest daughter got to sing on stage.

Holiday-Traditions-Santa 7-1

Creating a keepsake ornament, we have an annual Christmas party with our friends and we always have the kids make an ornament with their name and year on it.  This will be fun to give our children one day when they have a family of their own and until then the ornaments fill our trees with memories.

Holiday-traditions-orniments 3-1

My Girls are lucky,  Grandma Hoss does a Christmas Count Down for the girls using Christmas socks filled with all sorts of fun items.

Holiday-traditions 4-1

The girls also make a Ginger Bread House and Candy Train with their Grandma.

Holiday-tradition-gingerbreadhouse 2-1

Holiday Tradition 1-1

Going to see Christmas Light, with my family and friends.  We head over to a neighborhood where the entire neighborhood goes to the extreme in decorating.  We bring along hot chocolate, cookies and walk for hours.


Holiday traditions give us something to look forward to during the Holidays.  I hope that each of you are enjoying some of your own tradition.  Please leave a comment and let us know some of yours.


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  1. Super cute! Love it! We do the advent boxes, elf, tamales and countdown!

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