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Christmas Gifts for Classmates

My girls wanted to give a little something to their class mates and girls scout buddies.  So we purchased little goodie bags and filled them with a few different items. Tiffany thought a Chocolate Santa, Candy Cane, Christmas Eraser, and a Necklace would be great to give.  Becca who is 3 wanted Candy Canes, Chocolate Santa, Christmas Erasers, and a Christmas Tree Shaped Bubble Necklace would be fun for her classmates.


Here is a how we put the gifts together.  Tiffany’s placed her gifts inside a small stocking.

Classmate-gifts 2

For Becca’s gift she placed the items inside of a cellophane bag with a Reindeer on the front.  Becca’s class is having a Reindeer themed Christmas Party so we thought the bag was fitting.  There are so many bags out there you can just about match any theme.  I also thought the cellophane bags would be good because we can place a tie around them for easy handling.

Classmate-gifts 1

The finished gifts.

Classmate-gift 3

Classmate-gifts 8

The girls loved choosing the items for inside the bags, putting the bags together and are very excited to give them out.

Oh no, now that I am looking at the post I realized I didn’t do a gift bag.  Next, on my list how to make gift tags.  Check back by to see what we come up with!!


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