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Children’s Tea Party

Spring time is here and I felt it’s the perfect time to share with you a Children’s Tea Party I hosted for my daughter.  There are lots of things you think of when you have your first child and since mine was a girl, I envisioned the day I would throw her, her first Tea Party. When my oldest daughter Tiffany turned 5 she let me throw a Children’s Tea Party, which was just delightful. I wanted the Tea Party to be young, fun, bright and enticing to little ones.  Tiffany had a party in the park for her classmates this year so her tea party was small and quaint.

I set up an easy up in the backyard and dressed it up by adding fabric to the corners, covering the legs and adding a pop of color to the party.  We used ribbon to tie back the fabric along with flowers and butterflies for more decorations.



I was short on fabric for on side of the post so I hid it with a decorative garden wheel barrel, with a plant and butterfly inside of the wheel barrel.


To set the scene, I used hat racks with sun hats and fancy purses on it. Old suit cases where draped in play jewelry.


I set out a mirror so that the girls could admire themselves as the used some of the props to dress up in. We had necklaces, rings, bracelets, hats, and boas for the girls to use.



Here is a picture of the setting where the girls eat lunch.


Chairs had tulle tied around them to make them look fancier and boas draped over each chair for the girls to wear.


The center of the table had a mixture of real and felt flowers in varies containers, with boas and butterflies places around.


I found different shapes tea pots at thrift store to serve, sweet tea, water and lemonade in.


tea party ideas

Placed at each seat was a plate with a tea cup and saucer…I actually found these at the 99cent Store.  Alongside the place setting was a napkin with bracelets as napkins rings and plastic utensils that we dressed up by adding rhinestones to the stems. We used the white mugs to decorate and create a mug of their own as party favors, so stop back by and I will show you how we designed them .


Here’s another picture featuring the entire table.


In the center of the easy-up and directly above the middle of the table I hung a large lantern and add butterflies using hot glue.


The food table was set with more tea pot and vases with flowers from our yard along with all different types of desserts and goodies for the girls.  I don’t know how I missed a picture of the food but, the girls nibbled on mini peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, mini turkey and cheese sandwiches, fruit skewers, veggies, and cheese balls.  The desserts offered a varied of cookies, mini cupcakes, brownies and chocolates.


Water bottles were dressed in several different color paper labels for the girls to write their names on.


A final a picture of a few of the guest and my daughter the birthday girl!


This Children’s Tea Party was so much fun, what little girls doesn’t like to get dressed up and sip on tea pretending to be like mommy!

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