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Caterpillar Turns Butterfly Kids Craft

Two of my daughter’s friends came home with us from school and one of them had the cutest Caterpillar made out of Tongue Depressors which turned into a Butterfly.  My daughter and her other friend just feel in love.  Tiffany quickly asked me if she could make one.  So, I headed out to craft supplies and believe it or not, I had all the supplies. I had two happy girls, they could now do the Caterpillar Turns Butterfly Kids Craft!

Supplies need:

  • Tongue Depressors
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Chenille Sticks aka Pipe cleaners
  • Goggly Eyes
  • Pom Pom Balls
  • Scissors


Step 1:

Line up the Tongue Depressors (see picture below)

Step 2:

Separate the two end stick on both sides.  Then, tape the two pieces you separated together, by placing one piece of tape vertical.  Now, place tape once again vertical on the sticks grouped in four, tape must be vertical. Masking tape works best, but I only had scotch tape and it worked fine too. (see picture below)

Step 3:

This is a little tricky, flip the stick over and tape the two sticks grouped as two, to the group of four. So, when you have them all together you should have two total pieces of tape on this side of the sticks. This is now the top of what will be the butterfly. (See picture below)

Step 4:

Glue one tongue depressor to the middle of the sticks. (See picture below)

It’s time to make these tongue depressor into a caterpillars and butterflies!

Step A. 

Draw and color in a butterfly on the tongue depressors. Once, you have the butterfly drawn; add glue to the middle raised stick.

Step B.

Add pom pom balls to the glue to create a caterpillar and/or body to the butterfly.

Step C.

Glue on googly eyes.  There is not a wrong or right size of eyes, just whatever your heart desires.

Step D.

Cut and bend a chenille stick to make the antenna and glue to the top of head.

butterfly Collage

Your Butterfly is now finished!  To turn the Butterfly into a Caterpillar fold the sticks on the end down, the next fold is up, and the final fold is down or under and in, you have your Caterpillar! (The tape will help you with the folds, if you are folding the wrong way it will not fold easily.)

Caterpillar and Butterfly

Here is a picture of the butterflies!


Another picture of the finished butterflies with their happy owners of the Caterpillar Turns Butterfly Kids Craft!


I just found out the original creator of this craft!!! Danielle’s Place.  You have to go check out this website, so many wonderful ideas!!

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Kids craft Collage

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