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Burlap Hanging Earring Holder

Do you ever wonder where to put your stud earring so they don’t get lost?  Well, my daughter Tiffany got her ears pierced last year and has started to get quite a collection of earrings, the problem was I wasn’t sure where to put them.  I originally kept them in the boxes they came in but this took up too much space in the jewelry box.

Then, I was standing at the sink doing dishes and looking at these cute jars that my best friend at DIY Inspired made for a fantastic Vintage Baby Shower she decorated.  I thought the jars were too cute to throw away so they were sitting in the window, then it hit me, I could recycle them. Here a two pictures from



I decided to take the burlap, ribbons, and embellishments she used to make a Hanging Earring Holder.  So, I removed all the pieces from the jar. Then, I stretched them to make them flat.

earring holder 003 1

I used hot glue to glue the ribbon to the burlap.

earring holder 004 1

Next, I glued one of the ribbons to top of the burlap and created a hanger. Then, I glued the beads and flower in place.

earring holder 007 1

I also used the butterfly on the bottom to add a little extra touch.

earring holder 013 1

My daughter was so excited when I showed her; she couldn’t wait to place her earrings on it.

Thank you Dinah at for making such a cute decoration that I was able to recycle it into something practical and beautiful.  If you would like to see more of Dinah stuff stop by, you won’t be disappointed.

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