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Budget Friendly Tiered Birthday Cake

I am extremely lucky to have my mother-in-law who was a cake baker in one of her past careers, but I ran into a snag, when it came to my daughters last birthday and she asked me for a Tiered Birthday Cake. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, when my mother-in-law was going to be out of town for my daughter’s birthday party. How, was I going to make a Budget Friendly Tiered Birthday Cake?

Then, I had an idea, I headed to the local stores bakery and order two cakes that I thought would look good tiered.  I explained to the baker what I was going to do and she pretty much told me I was crazy.  I had watched my mother-in-law put my other daughter’s Becca cake together the month before, so I thought I could pull it off.

The first step was to get Wilson plastic dowel rods and cut it slightly taller than your bottom cake.


I then, placed the plastic dowel rods into the cake in three different places forming a triangle. These plastic dowel rods will help the top cake from smashing the bottom cake when placed on top, especially because it is frosted already.


Next, I placed the smaller cake on top with the bottom cardboard piece that the cake came on.


As you can see from the above picture there was a little gap and since I didn’t have frosting to fill it in, I decided to cover the gap with a decorative ribbon and a strand of rhinestones that matched the party’s decor. I also added ribbon and old pin I had to the top to add extra flair.


The cake turned out beautiful, fit the Breakfast at Tiffany’s party theme and most importantly my daughter was ecstatic about the cake!  When all was finished I only paid about $20.00 for a beautiful budget friendly two tiered cake.

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