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Bring Fall Into Your Home!

Fall is here! This definitely puts a smile on my face; it is one of my favorite seasons. The changing of the colors, the cool weather and the decorations are the best this time of year.  There are so many ways to bring fall into your home. Here are a few examples of some changes that can be made to your home décor to add the ambience of Fall.



Add a wreath to the front door.

Change your mantels.  This could be done by adding a garland of fall leaves. Changing the candles on the candle holders to fall colors, maybe add a few pumpkins.  (Or you could do all of this, I did!)

Fall Decor 024

Fall Decor 026

Place a runner on the dining room table and a Fall floral arrangement.

 Fall Decor 003

You can add rice to a vase and put artificial flowers in it to make an arrangement to place on an accent table. This can also be done with nuts, popcorn kernels , or pinecones.

Fall Decor 022

(We dyed the rice orange to add a little color.)

 Fall Decor 027

There are so many things you can do to bring Fall into your home.  I also, plan on adding candy dishes around with candy corns and other festive candies. Switching out the kitchen and bathroom towels to fall themed towels and placing some mini pumpkins and gourds around.  Hope you got a few ideas for your home too!


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