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Breakfast at Tiffany’s Party Ideas

Ever since, I named my daughter Tiffany, I envisioned having a Breakfast at Tiffany’s Party for her.  Right before, my daughter Tiffany’s 7th Birthday, I convinced her that I would throw her an extravagant dress up party that she would love, to the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Theme.  Being blue is her favorite color, it wasn’t all that hard. I had two requests from her though; to find her a black dress and a two tier cake!


First off, I have to thank my Best Friend over at DIY Inspired for making a fabulous invite. Stop by and check out just how she made them DIY Breakfast at Tiffany invites.


We decided to have the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Party be a brunch and serve all types of breakfast foods. We created a drink and food menu to display along with beautiful little name cards to place by each food item. We named all the items with Fabulous adjectives that you might have heard used in the movie; Wonderful Waffles, Divine Donuts, Delish Bacon, Marvelous Mini Muffins, Yummy Yogurt Parfaits, Fabulous Fruit, and Sensational Mini Cinnamon Rolls.

Breakfast at Tiffany food Collage 1

We couldn’t leave the drinks out so we had; Wonderful water, Magnificent Milk served in jars, and Sparkling Apple Cider served in champagne glasses, the girls couldn’t believe that they got to drink out of champagne glass…definite hit at the party.

Tiffany drink ideas Collage 1

Here is a photo of the finished food tables set up and ready for the girls.

breakfast-at-tiffanys 1

For decorations, I went on the search for anything with pearls, diamonds, feathers and ribbons.  I used lots of black and white table clothes and used the Tiffany Blue as an ascent color.

I did a little photo shoot with my daughter Tiffany dressed like Audrey Hepburn, then printed pictures of her and placed them around the party in frames.  I even spray painted a few to go with the color scheme. We also created print out of quotes from the movie and placed them on the tables for added decorations.

tiffany photos and quotes Collage1

The girls were greeted at the door by this sparkling sign that read, “Come in Darling” along with a picture of the birthday girl.

Breakfast-at-Tiffanys 10

We hosted the party on the back patio so I hung black curtains tied back with blue ribbon and pearls to frame in the party.   I used blue hydrangea flowers for the centerpieces and scattered diamonds among the tables.

breakfast-at-tiffany 2

We placed a vintage couch that we have on the patio for the girls to sit and take pictures on.

breakfast-at-tiffany 3

I had a chandelier that fit the theme perfect so I hung it above the table.

breakfast-at-tiffany 4

I set up a make your own pearl bracelets station, with pearl bracelets kits upon a decorative table, in a silver tray with mirrors. I placed a statue upon the table and draped it with pearl necklaces for the girls to wear.  The pearl bracelets doubled as the girl’s party favor.

breakfast-at-Tiffanys 6

I did a DIY tutorial on this, just click the link to see how…DIY Pearl Bracelet Kits and Bracelets.

Pearl-bracelets Collage 1

Okay, now for that two tiered cake that my daughter Tiffany requested.  Well, we all know two tier cakes are expensive and our cake baker AKA Grandma Hoss was out of town, so I had to figure out an easy way to do it myself.  Believe it or not I went to the Grocery Store and order two sizes of cake that I thought would look good stacked!  When I got them home I stacked them, added ribbon and diamonds, VOILA  a two tiered cake.

Breakfast-at-Tiffanys 7

The girls had such a fun time and came dressed in little black dresses and marvelous jewelry.

Breakfast-at-tiffany 8

Breakfast-at-tiffany 9

It was truly a divine day and would be great for and adult party theme too.


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