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Easy DIY Bookmarks

My daughter Tiffany age 6 is still loving sharing in my blogging experience. She came across a problem in her church class, the teacher would ask the kids to turn to the page they left off at from the last class they attended and no one could remember what page they were on.  Tiffany solution to the problem was to make a bookmark for all the kids in class. She says, “This way we will know where we left off and we won’t have to wait for everyone to find the page we are on.” Here is Tiffany’s step by step on how to make a Bookmark.


First my Mom took a picture of the cover of the book and edited it in photo shop.  She printed it out.  She helped me cut it.

Bookmarks 1

We cut the blue paper so it would fit in our book.

Bookmark 2

Glue the We Believe paper on the blue paper.

Bookmark 4

Then we punched holes in the top of the blue paper.

Bookmark 3

Bookmark 5

We cut the ribbon.

Bookmark 6

We folded the ribbon and put it through the holes.

Bookmark 7

Then, pull the ribbon throw the hoop.

Bookmark 8

The We Believe bookmarks are finished.

Bookmark 10

Once again, Tiffany did a great job at executing this craft. She is getting better at explaining and checking her spelling.  Yes, she has a few errors but I love leaving it in her own verbiage and spelling to see her growth. Tiffany thanks for posting.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!





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