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Baseball Themed Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower is so much fun.  The joy and thoughts of new little person being born into this world is an amazing feeling. I had the honor to co-host a baby shower for a friend that was having a little boy.  Baseball to me screams little boy and the guest of honors daddy is a huge baseball fan so the theme seemed extremely fitting.

When you walked into the shower we hung the babies names.  Simply print letters onto paper and glue to scrapbook paper. This can be hung from the ceiling like we did or you can tape them to a wall or place on easels.

Baseball-Baby-Shower 4

For center piece we used different type of baby products that can be used for the baby later and to tie it in with our theme we added baseball gloves and balls.

Baseball-Baby-Shower 3

The cake table was decorated with pictures of the parents to be when they were little.  A piggy bank with the baseball theme, that can we used in the babies room later. We left the cake simple with  poke a dot in the color scheme of the shower.

Baseball-Baby-Shower 5

Candies with the babies name on them are always an added plus to a party.  We had bowls of m & m’s with the babies name and It’s a Boy on them.

Baseball-Baby-Shower 1

I had to include this…Such a clever way to give a gift.  All the items were left unwrapped and placed inside of the bassinet.  I am sure the mommy to be was a happy to receive this gift and it would have been a lot to unwrap.

Baseball-Baby-Shower 6

In the end all the guest were sent home with Cracker Jacks and Peanuts!  Now, it doesn’t get more baseball then that!

The labels read Coming up to plate!  #09(which was the date the baby was due) and the Babies name.

 Baseball-Babbby-Shower 2

 Hope you found a few fun ideas that you can use in!

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