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Back to School Pencil Card

My God Son is going to be starting Kindergarten this year and I wanted to get him a little gift to start his elementary days off right.  I ran to the store a picked up a few school supplies and fun munchies for his lunch box.  I purchased a cute bag to place the items in and raced home a make a card to go with the gift!  I have to say this is definitely a 10 Minute DIY Project!   This card can be used all through the school year as well for different activities such as Teacher Appreciation Day, Valentine’s Cards, etc.


What you will need:

The first thing I did was cut out shaped to create a pencil.  You will need two rectangle (different sizes), two triangles (different sizes), and a shape that looks like a pencil eraser. (Not sure what this shape is called.) I choose colors that represented the traditional number two pencil.  The color can be customized to your or your student’s preference.

pencil-note 1

Once, you have your shapes you will need a glue stick to create your pencil. Start by gluing the eraser shape to the larger rectangle! Next, I glued the largest triangle to the opposite end that I glued the eraser shaped piece to.  Then, glue the smaller triangle on the large triangle to create a tip.

pencil-note 2

Last, I added my rectangle piece of tin foil in between the eraser shape and the largest triangle.

pencil-note 3

Just right a special message to your grade school student and you are finished, a fun little note card!

pencil-note 4

This project was so simple and easy!  My God Son was super excited to receive his gift and Back to School Pencil Card or in his case 1st Day of Kindergarten note!


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pencil-note 5

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