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Apple Monster Mouths

Apple Monster Mouths are soooo easy and fun to make, My daughter and I think it is the perfect afternoon snack and great for class Halloween parties. Making apple monster mouths only take about five minutes to make, while only three simple ingredients are used and will surely satisfy any sweet tooth.

What you will need:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Apples ( any varied)
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Cutting Knife
  • Butter Knife
  • Sprite (optional)

Step 1: Cut the Apples.

Start by cutting the apples into wedges.  I found that you do not want to cut them to thick or they are not easy to get for a young child to get their mouths around them, so about 1/4 inch works great. You can use the sprite, if you would like to at this point, fill a bowl with sprite and dip the apple in, this will help with keeping the apples from turning brown.

Step 2: Spread Peanut Butter on the Apples.

Thoroughly cover the apple wedge with peanut butter. Making it a little thick helps to hold the Marshmallows in place.


Step 3:  Add Marshmallows

Line the peanut butter apple wedge with marshmallows.  The amount will vary with the size of apples you are using.


Step 4:  Placing the top apple on to finish the Apple Monster Mouths.

Cover another apple wedge with peanut butter and add it to the top of the marshmallows, once again place a generous amount of peanut butter to assure it stick together.


Apple Monster Mouths are sure to be a hit with the kids for; parties, snacks, classroom parties and even adults.

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Apple Monster Mouths


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