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Angry Birds Kid Craft

Just a couple weeks ago I did a week of Angry Bird Party props and decorations.  It was one of the funnest party I had help create in a while.  My daughter loved helping make everything along the way.  When I was painting the Angry Bird Balls my daughter Becca asked if she could paint one with me.  I thought it would be to hard for her to actually paint on the ball so we decided that she could use a paper plate to create an angry bird.  Becca was so excited to get started.

The first thing I did was have Becca paint the entire paper plate on color.   Then, I drew a face of the Angry Bird face on the paper plate with a pencil. Becca then painted inside the lines.  You can also have a few of the beaks, eyes, and facial features cut out so the kids can trace them on the plates to create the faces of the birds themselves.

Angry-Bird-kids-crafts 3

I had an I-pad next to Becca with Angry Birds pictures on it so she can see what colors to paint.  You might want to print a few out so the kids can have a guide to copy off of.

Angry-Bird-Kid-Craft 2

The concentration level of my 3 year old Becca amazed me.


Angry-Birds-Kids-Crafts 4

We took a quick break to get Tiffany and when we got home she jumped right into the action.

Angry-Bird-kids-craft 1

A close-up of the bird Becca painted.

Angry-Birds-Kids-Crafts 5

The finished plates the girls made and the Painted Angry Bird Balls I painted.

Angry-Birds-kids-crafts 7

We ended up using the plates as Birthday Cards.  The girls wrote on the back of the plates and we attached them to our gift.

Angry-Birds-Kids-Craft 6

The girls had such a great time making these plates.  You can use them for so many different things.  If you like these you should stop by and check out the party we did. Just click on this link Angry Bird Party!


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  1. I gotta start making these cute angry birds balls for Adams bday!

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