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Angry Bird Wooden Structure!

We are still at it.  I have been calling this last week operation Angry Bird.  I love helping make decorations for parties. When I was told I have free range to make or create anything I wanted too, I spent hours thinking of what I could make.  This particular project was a last minute idea!  I knew that my father in law had just cut up a pallet that he had some rock delivered in and thought it would be great to create a fun scene from the original Angry Birds.  It was a little less fancy with what seems like a bunch of wood stacks, then what the games have evolved into today.

What you will need:

  • Wood Pieces
  • Nails
  • Hammer

Angry-bird-decorations 1

The first thing we did was nail a few boards together. I had my daughter hold the boards, while I nailed on boards.

angry-bird-decorations 2

We continued to add more boards.  Make sure that you have a few boards that are parallel to the board you are nailing vertical!  This will create a base so that it doesn’t fall over.

Angry-birds-decorations 3

We also added a few extra boards just by placing them slanted, resting on our structure.

Angry-Birds-Decorations 4

Here you have it a wooden structure from the Angry Bird Game.

Angry-Bird-Decorations 5

You can use this just for decorations and place some Angry Birds and pigs on it or you can place it on a table with different party items on it.  We ended up using ours as a cupcake holder.  Stop back by and check out the party and see the cupcake display! If you like the Angry Bird Balls in the picture we did a step by step!

Angry-Bird-decorations 7

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