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Angry Bird Boxes

The Angry Bird craze is still holding strong! My God son is in love with Angry Birds and just turned 5, so his parents are throwing an Angry Bird Party!!! I was so excited that I would get to help out with some of the decor.  I decided,  that the first thing I would do is paint some boxes to look like wood so we could let the kids throw balls at them to knock them over in a life size Angry Bird Game. Once, we had the boxes we had to create angry bird balls and an angry bird Launcher..stop back by for how they are made.

What you need:

  • Boxes
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Paint
  • Sponge Applicator

The first thing we did was find some boxes. Thank goodness we are selling Girl Scout Cookies and have lots of boxes around.

Angry-Bird-Boxes 1

Then, we unfolded the boxes. I didn’t want the labels on the boxes so I turned the boxes inside out!

Angry-Bird-Boxes 2

Here’s how we did it!  We laid the label side up and refolded the boxes back into place.  I added some hot glue to the edge of the box and pressed firmly until the hot glue was dry.

Angry-Bird-Boxes 3

Angry-Bird-Boxes 4

Then, I glued all of the of the side closed.

Angry-Bird-Boxes 5

Here are a few of the boxes glued together.  I practiced drawing on a few box before I painted them.

Angry-Bird-Boxes 6

Next, I painted the boxes to look as if they had a wood design on them. I used a foam sponge applicator, it held enough paint so it would paint smoothly on the boxes.   I was lucky that I had wood floors and could mimic the design in the wood on the floor!

Angry-Bird-Boxes 8

Here are the finished painted boxes.

Angry-Birds-Boxes 7

Angry-Birds-Boxes 9

The boxes were so easy to make and you can’t go wrong when painting because all wood planks are different.  Don’t forget to stop back by and see how I painted the Angry Bird Balls and made an Angry Bird Launcher!

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