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Alice in Wonderland Party Part 2

The Alice in Wonderland theme is such a fun, colorful party to create.  If you missed part 1 of this Alice in Wonderland Party you will diffidently want to check out Alice in Wonderland Part 1 where the Queen of Hearts, the Royal Croquet Court, Wonderland Banner and more are featured. Alice in Wonderland Party Part 2 will feature the Mad Hatter Tea Party with adults eating area, kid’s tables, hanging lanterns, centerpieces, giant butterflies, floating frames and more decorations.  I am so excited to share more of this party with you.


The guest exited the patio into the Mad Hatter Tea Party section.  This area was frames with Lanterns and wind socks (made by my daughters) that were strung above tables for sitting and eating during the party. Hanging lanterns above the Mad Hatter Tea Party Section made a huge impact on the party and is extremely inexpensive! I ran into one problem when hanging the lanterns…I only had one side to string them my husband took a 4 x 4 x 12 piece of wood, dug a hole in our planter box, set in the wood to create a point of which we could attach wire and lights to.  We then used thick wire to run four strands of wire to attach to the patio cover.  After attaching the wires we strung strings of outdoor lights and placed lanterns over the light bulbs.  You can do this with or without lights! It looked great in the daytime and as well as the night!

Below are a few pictures of the lanterns from different angles.



Alice-in-wonderland kids party

Oversized Decorations:

In most of the Alice in Wonderland movie, Alice is small and everything is bigger than her, so to create this feel I purchased a few oversized butterflies and frames.

Our yard has lots of flowers, plants and bushes, so we decided that we would not trim the bushes in the yard to give the over grown feel and added the butterflies and frames to them.




I love the singing flowers in the movie so I had to create a few large flowers.  I used cards stock, tissue paper , wooden dowel and goggle eyes to make the flowers come to life! Definitely a big hit at the Party.



The centerpieces for the adult’s tables cost less than a $1.00 to make.  I recycled old bottles and places two teapots cut out of card stock around them.  I then added two artificial daisies with google eyes glued onto them in the center of the flower. I placed mad hatter hat out of card stock, mini lanterns, keys, bottles with a tag that said Drink Me on them and a few tables had tea pots as well. To add more colors I used different colored table clothes and mismatched chairs.

Here are a few pictures of the tables and centerpieces.

Alice in wonderland decorations



Aliceinwonderland centerpieces

This centerpiece turned out so cute.  I simply took a potted plant from the yard and added a few of artificial daisies that I purchased and glues googly eyes into the plant, to make it look more animated, I bent the stems in various directions.  I used this centerpiece in the center of the kids table.


My best friend and fellow blogger over at DIY Inspired created this amazing centerpiece that I used on the kids table!  Click the link to see how she repurposed a plastic container and tissue paper to make these Alice in Wonderland Flowers. 


 Kids table and decorations. 

My daughters were so excited about the kids table it was hard to keep them away before the party started. When decorating the tables I started by using several different colored table clothes.  Upon the tables I placed a stretch of artificial grass with the flowers pot center piece.  The table was pretty long so I added to more centerpieces on each end of the table. I raided my house for anything that looked like Alice in Wonderland and came up with large teacups, different animal figurines, lanterns, keys, teapots and butterflies. I used an assortment of chairs to create character.  I served the food on bright striped tables and ice cream cone teacups we made.  If you want a step by step on how to make these just click the link Edible Teacups.


A little closer view of the table.


Another view of the party!


Believe it or not I’m not done yet stop back by for a few more fun features from this Alice in Wonderland Party.

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