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Alice in Wonderland Party Part 1

My twins are about to turn three years old…where has the time gone?  I thought it is the perfect time to share with everyone the Alice in Wonderland Party; I throw them for their 1st Birthday. I have so many elements to this party to share with you; I will be breaking it up in several parts.  I wouldn’t want you to miss anything.

As the quest entered the back yard, they were greeted by a banner the read, “Wonderland!” The banner was made out of various patterned scrapbook paper cut into circles and some cut as teapots. Each section was connected with checkered ribbon.


Under the patio cover was set up to look like it a miniature house as if you had fallen down the Rabbit Hole, just like in the movie, we placed a rug on the ground and upon that set an small vintage couch and child’s rocking chair were the kids could sit and play or the adults could sit and look as if they were giants.  We also used this area for opening the Twin’s presents.


Next, to the chair I placed a whimsical coat hanger, where I hung an outfit of the Mad Hatter and Alice.  I also place a Mad Hatter hat on the coat rack.


This is a little better picture of the hat.  If you are interested in how this hat was made check out my Best Friends website over at, just click the link, DIY Mad Hatter Top Hat.


Once you left the patio you delve into Wonderland itself.  One of my favorite parts of the movie is when they go to see the Queen and when she yells about Painting the Roses Red!  I just had to dedicate a part of the yard to this.  To start off, I painted some white roses red.  I took white artificial roses, red paint and painted parts of the white rose petals red.  I used painted roses on a table, at the entrance of the Royal Croquet Court.


At the entrance to the Royal Croquet Court, I placed a table to represent the Queen herself.  I had found several bowls, plates, vases and candles stick holders, which remind me of the Queen of Hearts.  I used the candle stick holders to glue the heart bowl and a heart checkered plate to.  I used one to display the Queens crown and the other just as decoration. I set the roses, I painted red on the table and the rest I placed in a vase.  I also filled another vase with artificial red roses I purchased at the store.


I just love this part! My friend over at DIY decided to be the Queen of Hearts for Halloween so I had the idea of using the shirt from her costume as a table skirt.  I covered the table with a black table cloth and then pinned the skirt to the front of the table to make the table skirt,


Next to the table stood a sign that we cut out of poster board and painted the words, “Royal Croquet Court”, we drilled the sign to a pipe we had hammed into the ground.


Here is a picture of the Croquet Court that we set up for the kids to play.  If you look at the left side of the picture you will see pink flamingo that the kids used to hit lighter plastic balls throw the arches.  I made the pink flamingos mallets by removing the legs of the flamingos and replaced them with plastic golf club handles that I purchased at Walmart; they have a plastic golf bag and clubs for around $5.00.  This particular set the heads of the clubs could be screwed off so it worked perfect. I used a screw to attach the handle and flamingo.


Throughout the Croquet court I placed Guards Men Card People like in the movie; I created them out of poster board and paint.  I added a stake to the backs of the cards so that I could stand them throughout the court.


Well, this concludes part 1 of the party, I have so much more to share, so be sure to stop back by for the kids table, guest’s tables, food tables, and more fun decorations!

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