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Advent Christmas Tree

Every year we buy the advent calendars with the little chocolate inside for the girls.  This year I was thinking that I would have to get four of them.  I guess I could make them share but that just causes too much aggravation in the mornings.  So I figured I can make one, one that is big enough to fit something small in it for all of the girls.  It will not always have to be candy either!!!  I went to Michaels’ and looked around and decided to make a wreath.  Then, as I was placing the boxes on the counter to see placement I realized that a Christmas tree would look good.


What you need:

  • 24 containers/ boxes
  • Mounting board
  • E6000 glue
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Exact-o-knife
  • Sharpie


First, I placed all the boxes on the mounting board to see placement.  I figured that I need a space between the columns of boxes so the lids can be remove.

 Advent-Calendar-Christmas-Tree 11-1

Once, I figured out how I wanted them, I removed the boxes and flipped the mounting board over and repositioned the boxes. It was easier to see the pencil marks on the white verses the green. Then, I traced the end box of each row for a cutting guide.

 Advent-Calendar-Christmas-Tree 9-1

Next, I connected the edges to create my tree to cut out.

Advent-calendar-christmas-tree 7-1

Then, I cut out the tree. It does not have to be perfect because the boxes can hang over on the back side if needed.

advent-calendar-christmas-tree 6-1

Advent-calendar-christmas-tree 5-1

Now, I placed all the boxes back on the tree to make sure they lined up correctly.

Advent-tree 1-1

Then, I removed one row at a time and added glue to the back of the boxes and placed them back on the tree.  I used E6000 because it dries slow, giving me the ability to reposition the boxes if needed.

Advent-calender-tree 3-1

Advent-calender-tree 1-2 

We added small black numbers to various places on each box numbering 1-24.


Once, all the boxes were in place and the glue is dry you can add the goodies to each box.

 [D]Advent-Christmas-Tree-Calender 1-2

I know the girls will be excited every day to do the Advent Calendar and see what goodies are inside.  I plan on filling the boxes with rings, necklaces, bracelets, candy, lip gloss and anything else I can find.  Some days it might be something for them to share or it might have four, one for each of them. I will also put in a few handmade coupons for an extra book at bed time, Icee after school, special 30 minutes alone time with mom or dad, etc.

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  1. That is an absolute great idea Jen! Love it!

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