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Adorable Mustache Party

I attended the most adorable Mustache Party for a close family friend whose little on was turning 1 year old.  I have to say that they did a fantastic job from the food, to the decorations and the games that they played. Everything had the mustache incorporated in it somehow.

When you walked into the party, you quickly came across the food, which was in their kitchen.  They have an old closet that has been turned into a pantry, which still has closet type doors on it.  Instead of replacing the doors they used Chalk Board Paint to cover the door to leave various message for the family. This worked out to make the perfect back drop for the food and goodie tables.

The chalk Board held all the stats of their little man, height, weight, favorites and dislikes.  Such a cute idea!

The food continued with the theme as the guest were served veggies in cups with mustaches on them, Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut out in the shape of mustaches, and bowties pasta.  Other food was served as well!

The Goodie Table had a small cake for Baby Finn to dive into and cupcakes for the guess with mustache toppers. Sugar cookies in the shape of mustache and number 1 were a big hit among the guest.  A sign was placed on the table that read REAL MEN EAT CUPCAKES.

I loved the detail in all the little signs that were placed around the party as well. Here is one that was at the drink station, with straws that the hostess glues little mustaches to. So much fun!

Mustache-party 3

All the tables had flowers with mustache ribbon and mustache confetti scattered about.

Mustache-party 5

The guest were able to choose a mustache of their own to wear around the party or take a photo a with at a fun photo station.

The kids had a blast as they got to pin mustache on a photo of the birthday boy!! A few of the kids got really close!

Pin-the-mustache Collage

As the guest left the party they were reminded to fill a bag of candy!  Another cute sign here, that read, “Stache Some Candy for Later”.

Mustache-party 4

There was so much attention to detail at this MUSTACHE PARTY, such a cute idea for celebrating the little man in your life!

Happy Birthday Finny Fin Aunty loves you!


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