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Card Board Box Fort

Summer is coming to an end and a great time to buy outdoor furniture, everything is on sale.  My In-laws felt the same way and purchase a new set for their yard.  My kids and I could not have been more excited because it gave us a chance to get ahold of some big boxes.  What kid doesn’t love a box to play with?

Once the furniture was out of the boxes and assembled, Grandpa Tim went to the garage, grabbed an exacto knife and we were on our way to an afternoon of fun.

First we cut some doorways. Then we added a few windows.  We even cut out different shapes in the sides for extra lookouts.

phot from phone 1966 card-board-box-fort-2


The girls decided it needed a little color, so we drew on the boxes and the cut out pieces.

phot from phone 1962 phot from phone 1964


Next we added some blankets on the top with clothes pins to keep then in place to finish off the fort.

phot from phone 1960 phot from phone 1969

The girls enjoyed being in the box fort so much they didn’t want to stop playing so they ate lunch and dinner in their new fort.  With a little creativity card board boxes can be hours of fun.




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  1. What a great post! I love all the cut outs the girls did.

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