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3 Dimensional Snowflakes

Who would have thought I would be making Snowflakes in the middle of July! Well, thanks to the Disney movies Frozen craze that is going on, it is very fitting.  My daughters friends are having a Frozen Themed Birthday and Snowflakes make a great decoration. We are supper excited to help our friends turn the hot summer of July into a winter wonderland.



What you will need:

The first thing you need to do is take your pieces of paper and make it into a square. If you have a rectangle piece of paper fold the paper to make a triangle.

3-d Snowflakes 1

Next, cut of the remaining strip of paper. This will create a perfect square.

3d-Snowflakes 2

Now, fold the triangle you just created in half.

3d-Snowflakes 3

Your next step is to make three cuts in the triangle.  See picture below.

3d-Snowflakes 4

3d-Snowflakes 5

Unfold the triangles back to a square and we will start making one of the points to our snowflake.

3d-Snowflakes 6

You will need to get tape ready for this part. (Quick tip: We found that it take two hands to hold the pieces of paper together, so if you have four short pieces of tape ready it makes your snowflake go smoother).   Now, roll the smallest triangular cuts together and tape.  Once you have taped the pieces together, flip the square over and roll the second triangle cuts together and tape. Continue this process, flipping the square until each triangle piece is taped together.

3d-Snowflakes 7

Your square piece should now look like this.  Repeat the above steps 5 more times.

3d-Snowflakes 8

Once you have all  six point to your snowflakes made, you will need to put three of the points together and staple them at one end.

3d-Snowflakes 9

Now, repeat the above step with the remaining three and you should end up with this.

3d-Snowflakes 10

OK, this is a little tricky, but you now need to take the two pieces you just made and staple them together.

3d-Snowflakes 12

Next,  you want to match two of the points together and staple.

3d-Snowflakes 11

  3d-Snowflakes 13

Continue stapling all the points together and you will end up with your snowflake! You can use different size squares to make different size snowflakes!

3d-Snowflakes 14


Stop back by to see the center pieces I will be making for the party and a few other decorations!  3 Dimensional Snowflakes will make a fun winter or Christmas decoration too!


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3D-snowflakes 16

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