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1st Communion Party

I had the honor to attend a very special party for my God Daughter and a very special family friend.  It was their 1st Holy Communion.  The parents did a fabulous job making this party simple yet elegant.  These two young ladies work extremely hard for the past two years to get to this special day.

As you entered the home you were lead through slider doors to the back yard where the party took place, over the sliders doors a banner hung that read GOD BLESS CARLY & PEYTON.  The banner was made out of ribbon and burlap. Very Very Cute!

Communoin-party 1

Communion-party 2

The tables were covered white table clothes. Pink and white polka dot fabric was cut into squares and placed in the center of the table. On top of the pink and white polka dot squares flower arrangements were placed in mason jars that were wrapped in ribbon and burlap.  Two more mason jars were placed next to the flower arrangements with candles in them.  So simple but so elegant.

Communion 4

Communion 5

Communion 6

In the house tables were also covered in white table clothes and the polka dot fabric was used as a runner. The same floral arrangement and candle mason jars were placed on them.

Communion-party 3

 The food even carried out the theme with the veggie platter having a cross made out of mushrooms. (Sorry for the picture quality the light was really bad and this was the best picture I had.  SAD FACE).

communion-party 7

I love this little sign that was placed at the start of the food table.

Communion-Party 10

The cake and cupcakes carried out the theme by placing the same ribbons used on the centerpieces around the cake and tied to the cupcake stand. The cake and cupcake stand also were placed upon some of the polka dot fabric.

Communion-Party 9

The hostesses of the party did an amazing job at balancing the party by carrying the theme throughout the inside and outside by using the ribbons and polka dot  fabric! It was such a special day for these two young ladies!

Communion-party 13

Auntie loves you Peyton Marie and Carly Rose!

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