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Halloween Appetizer Spread and Decorations

Last year we were having people over and I wanted to put out a few appetizers for the guest.  Halloween was right around the corner, so I jumped at the chance to put a little Halloween flare to the food spread.  Everything turned out really cute so I thought I would share it with you! I put an orange burlap sack around a square glass vase and added seasonal flowers.  I took a hurricane glass placed a white candle in it and surrounded it with candy corns.


Then I doctored up the food to go along with the Halloween theme.


Cheese and crackers are always a hit so I made a cheese mold in the shape of a pumpkin and add some crackers to the platter. I also took some pretzels, tied them together with twine and made little stacks.

brain Halloween food spread

I made deviled eggs that looked like skulls and placed them in cupcake holders to make them easy to pick up.

pursutio halloween food spread

We also had asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and cheese/prosciutto roll ups. I placed Halloween themed toothpick and plain toothpicks in them to hold them together. Last I put a veggie tray out to give some color and something healthy too.

The finished spread:

Halloween food spred

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  1. Love the pumpkin cheese mold! Looks delicious. Great little details like the tooth picks and the pretzels wrapped in twine.

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