Christmas Countdown or Advent Calendar


Christmas Countdown or Advent Calendars, what do you call yours? There are several different types out there. Some have 24 days others only have 12 days. The contents of them range from chocolate, toys to messages. There is definitely not a right or wrong way to use them, rather a personal preference.  Some families have more than one other just share one. They are even done all over the world.  My girls must be spoiled because they have three this year.

The first one we call a Christmas Countdown, their Grandma fills stockings each year with candies, jewelry, hair bows, ornaments, money, basically any little trinket that fits.

Adventcalender 3

The second is another Advent Calendar, which we used to put piece of papers on that has something written in it, like a family activities, a nice things to do for others and an occasional piece of candy. I even have a Step by Step tutorial for making this Advent Christmas Tree!

Advent-Christmas-Tree-Calender 1-1

The last is an Advent Calendar that they received from their friends.  (We usually purchase one but didn’t this year and the girl were lucky to get one anyways!)

Adventcalender 4

Here are two that our friend’s girls are lucky to open.  They are from Germany and are called ADVENTSKALENDER, which gifts and German chocolates are hung on.  These have been in their family for many generations!

Adventcalendar 2 Adventcalendars 1

Another friend made this one as a 12 day count down. Stop by and check out her 12 Days of Christmas Count Down 


What a special fun memorable tradition for the kiddos and for them to pass on to their children.  It’s is great to see so many different version for one Christmas Tradition.


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DIY Christmas Porch Light Hanger

Christmas-wall-hanger 2

We are at it again, another dollar been challenge with some Great bloggers. Our item from the dollar bin this month was a Mini Christmas Trees!  I thought for a long time on how to decorate the tree when it came to me, that maybe, I should change the mini Christmas tree into a Repurposed Mini Christmas tree. Well, here you have it a DIY Christmas Porch Light Hanger!! It only takes about 5 minutes to do but what a difference it made on the porch.  This is actually the back porch but would look fabulous in the front of the house too.

What you will need:

  • Mini Christmas Tree
  • Ribbon
  • Pine cones
  • Wire

The first thing I did was turn the tree upside down and add some pine cones.

christmas-hanger 5

Then, tie the ribbon around the base of the tree.  The mini trees from the Dollar Bin already had burlap wrapped around the base, which created a nice finished look. I also used ribbon with wire in it to get a nice sturdy bow.

christmas-hanger 6

Finally, add the wire just above the ribbon, around the base of the tree and hang it on the pillar under a light.

The finished product.

Christmas-wall-hanger 2

Christmas-hanger 3

Now, let’s take a look a few more Mini Christmas Trees from our Dollar Bin Challenge!

Dollar Bin Challenge (577x650) (1)

DIY Inspired….12 Day Christmas Count Down Tree

Zoo Cutie Printable….Mini Pom-Pom Ornament Tree

Pandora’s Craft Box….Grinch Christmas Tree

Crafting Mommy of Two….Dollar Bin Challenge Mini Christmas Tree

Life with Love Bug….Mini Christmas Tree Table Decor 


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Dough Christmas Ornaments

Dough-ornaments-Collage 1

It would not be Christmas without ornaments, Right? I try to make a different ornament each year; this helps to fill my tree with a personal touch and creates a keepsake from every year. This year the girls made Homemade Dough Christmas Ornaments.  Below, I will give the recipe for the dough and show how we create the ornaments themselves.

Let’s start off with the Dough Recipe. Follow the directions below to to create your Dough Ornaments.

Dough-ornament Collage 2

My girls enjoyed helping make the cut outs and watching the cut outs bake.

Dough-orniments 1

Once, the cut out have cooled, the girls painted them.  We used acrylic paint, but any craft paint should work fine.

Dough-orniments 3

Here are a few of the finished dough ornaments.

Dough-ornaments 4

My twin daughters were only 7 months old the year we made the dough ornaments so I decided just to make little circles and have the girls place their hands in them to make hand prints. I baked them after the hand prints and added paint to them to make the hand pop out.

dough-ornaments 5

When you make homemade ornaments remember to always put the year and the name of who make the ornament on them.  This will help to insure that the correct person is given credit in future years.


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Dough-ornaments-Collage 1

Thanksgiving Day 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

DIY Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Wall-mounted-coat-rack 9

Since I moved into my house about 6 months ago I have wanted a place for the kiddos to hang all their stuff; backpacks, dance bags, hats, coats, etc. so I decided to make a Wall Mounded Coat rack.  I hung the coat rack in the entryway, for easy access for the kiddos. The floor by the door was becoming the drop spot for so many of my kids things and I have to admit a few of mine too and I felt this will solve the problem. I will be sure to show the complete entryway makeover soon too.


Here is what you will need for the Wall Mounded Coat Rack:

  • Piece of wood (We used a piece of Oak.)
  • Hooks
  • Wood Stain
  • Nails
  • Tape Measure
  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver

The first thing we did was measure the entryway wall.   Then, we cut the wood piece to fit.

Wall-Mounted-Coat-Rack 1

Next, we headed outside to stain the wood.  We choose our color by matching a few photo frames I chose to hang above the wall mounted coat rack.  Don’t laugh we used my twin daughters Cozy Coupes as saw horses, our actual sawhorses where being used for something else, but Hey they worked great!

Wall-Mounted-Coat-Rack 2

Make sure that you stain the edges of the wood too.

Wall-Mounted-Coat-Rack 3

We used a stud finder to locate a few studs in the wall.  This helps to make sure we will be able to hang heavier objects on the wall mounted coat rack without the coat rack pulling away from the wall.

Wall-Mounted-Coat-Rack 4

Once, we had the stud we used a level to make sure the board was level and hammered in a few nails.

Wall-Mounted-Coat-Rack 6

Now, it was time to add the hooks.  We measured the wood and placed the hooks evenly on the board. We choose to make our distances between hooks about 12″ wide because we wanted it to fit backpacks and other recreational gear that the girls partake in. Use the direction on the box of hook you purchase when adding to the board.  Just make sure that you have the hooks evenly spaced!

Wall-mounted-coat-rack 9

I couldn’t be happier with the way this Wall Mounted Coat Rack turned out!