Circus Themed Gift Wrapping

Circus-gift-wrapping 9

My daughter is heading to the circus today with her best friend for her birthday and she could not me more ecstatic!  She wanted Mia’s gift and wrapping to go with the circus theme!  We headed out and purchased a gift and a small gift to add to the wrapping.  I always like finding a small item to add to any gift to add a little flare. We also, picked up a few items that remind us of the Circus!  I think Becca immediately thought clown and for some reason she wanted gold wrapping paper.

We purchasing a clown bow tie, lollipop, and three clown hats. Mia will be taking Becca and their other bestie Taylor, so Becca insisted on three hats, one for each of them!  Buy purchasing a few fun items to go along with a theme you can make your wrapping come alive!

Circus-gift-wrap 1

First, we started by wrapping the gift.  Then, we added a ribbon that complimented our wrapping.

Circus-gift-wrapping 6

Next, we added the lollipop to the ribbon tied to the bow and added the clown bow tie we purchased.

Circus-gift-wrapping 2

We then taped a Circus themed Lalaloopsy to the top of the package.  We were able to lift the ribbon an little to fit it under the ribbon for added support.

Circus-gift-wrapping 5

To finish off the wrapping we added the hats to the gifts.  I did not tape them on, just in case the girls want to wear them.  They are 3 and 4 years old after-all.

Circus-gift-wrapping 3

Here is Becca so excited to give her gift to Mia!

Circus-gift-wrapping 4   Circus-gift-wrapping 7

Happy Birthday Mia!  Becca and all the Hostetler’s love you so much! You are one special little girl.

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1st Communion Party

Communion party Collage

I had the honor to attend a very special party for my God Daughter and a very special family friend.  It was their 1st Holy Communion.  The parents did a fabulous job making this party simple yet elegant.  These two young ladies work extremely hard for the past two years to get to this special day.

As you entered the home you were lead through slider doors to the back yard where the party took place, over the sliders doors a banner hung that read GOD BLESS CARLY & PEYTON.  The banner was made out of ribbon and burlap. Very Very Cute!

Communoin-party 1

Communion-party 2

The tables were covered white table clothes. Pink and white polka dot fabric was cut into squares and placed in the center of the table. On top of the pink and white polka dot squares flower arrangements were placed in mason jars that were wrapped in ribbon and burlap.  Two more mason jars were placed next to the flower arrangements with candles in them.  So simple but so elegant.

Communion 4

Communion 5

Communion 6

In the house tables were also covered in white table clothes and the polka dot fabric was used as a runner. The same floral arrangement and candle mason jars were placed on them.

Communion-party 3

 The food even carried out the theme with the veggie platter having a cross made out of mushrooms. (Sorry for the picture quality the light was really bad and this was the best picture I had.  SAD FACE).

communion-party 7

I love this little sign that was placed at the start of the food table.

Communion-Party 10

The cake and cupcakes carried out the theme by placing the same ribbons used on the centerpieces around the cake and tied to the cupcake stand. The cake and cupcake stand also were placed upon some of the polka dot fabric.

Communion-Party 9

The hostesses of the party did an amazing job at balancing the party by carrying the theme throughout the inside and outside by using the ribbons and polka dot  fabric! It was such a special day for these two young ladies!

Communion-party 13

Auntie loves you Peyton Marie and Carly Rose!

Easy DIY Cupcake Bouquet

cup-cake-bouquet 3

Do you ever have an impromptu party for someone you know?  One of my friends called the other day and asked if she could bring her 2 year old daughter over to play. She wanted her daughter to be with a few of her friends on her birthday.  They were not doing a big party this year. I of course said. “Yes.”   So that morning, when I woke up I thought I would make some cupcakes for the little ones.  Well, I checked my cabinet and I had everything I needed but I didn’t have enough frosting to make a full batch of cupcakes.  I know, I could have made frosting but my time was running short.

So I grabbed my daughter’s mini cupcake maker and make a dozen mini cupcakes.

I let the cupcake cool and placed them on skewers, by added a little frosting to one end of the skewer and then pushing about half way through the cupcake. I waited a few minute for the frosting to harden and then I frosted the top. I used to different favors of frosting and added a sixlet candy for added decor!

Cupcake-bouquet 2

I placed the cupcake skewers into a tin that I had in my craft stuff.  The inside of the tin had a piece of Styrofoam glued in it already! (If you have a tin and Styrofoam you can do this by cutting the Styrofoam to fit, then hot glue the Styrofoam to the  inside of the tin.)  I then took strips of paper that I cut to about 1/4 inch wide and wrapped them around my finger to make curly cues to place inside the tin to cover the foam and add character to the bouquet.

Cupcake-bouquet 1

This little cupcake bouquet was so simple and easy to make. I was able to do the whole project in about 30 minutes.  The birthday girl was extremely happy and loved that the cupcakes where on skewers.  The mini cupcakes are the perfect size for little ones.

Cupcake Bouquets are not just for birthday, they would be great for thank you gifts, get well gifts, teacher appreciations and so much more!


DIY Ice Cream Party Ideas

Ice-Cream-Party 1

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream! Now, isn’t that a true phase.  I haven’t met to many people who don’t like Ice Cream.  When we decided to host the Kick off the Summer Party for my Daughter’s preschool class, we thought ice cream would be a fun theme.  Becca my daughter is lucky to have one of her besties in her class so I called her mother (whom happens to my Bestie too) and asked if they would like to co-host the party with us!  Dinah, Mia’s mom is the creator of so she quickly responded with a YES! We both have a love for hosting parties.  We were running short on time so we decided to make it simple, fun and laid back as possible.

Dinah whipped up some really cute and easy invite, which we handed out a week before the end of school. Check out how to make them by clicking on the link..DIY Ice Cream Invitations.   (photo courtesy of DIYInspired).

DIY Ice Cream Invitations (2)

We both came up with a some quick decoration, with the ice cream cone theme!  I made, Ice Cream Cone Lanterns, if you like them stop by and check out my how to make, Ice Cream Cone Lanterns !

ice-cream-cone-decorations 6

Dinah created these cute ice cream cone banners out of real ice cream cones and water balloons, very, very clever!

Ice-Cream-Party 2

We had a few extra ice cream cone banners so we used them as a table runner!

Ice-Cream-Party 4

Now, our main focus was on our Ice Cream Station! I have a wine rack that I thought would be the perfect height for the preschooler to be reach so we turned it into our ice cream station.  I picked up two big tubs of ice cream, which we place in big bowls filled with ice to help keep the ice cream from melting.  I as grabbed some chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, strawberry syrup, and whip cream to use as toppings.

Ice-cream-party 5

Dinah brought along some different types of candies and sprinkles for extra toppings. The kids really enjoyed these!  I used a old candle holder I had to hold some of the toppings.  I did this by cutting some holes in a piece of paper big enough to hold some sugar cones and hot glued the paper to the candle holder.  I then placed the sugar cones in the candle holder and filled them with toppings.

Ice-Cream-Party 6

The completed Ice cream Station.

Ice-Cream-Party 1

I just had to share a picture we took of the kids screaming for ICE CREAM!

Ice-Cream-Party 8

I have to say this was one of the easiest parties I have ever had, the decorations where quick and easy to make.  The ice cream station was the focal point of the party adding to the decor and part of the food as well.  We also served pizza and salad to the guests!

Our Happy Hostesses

Ice-Cream-Party 7

Ice Cream Cone Lanterns

ice-cream-cone-decorations 12

The school year was about to end and I thought it would be fun for my daughter to have a Kick of the Summer Party!  This was her first year in preschool and she was already upset at the idea that she wouldn’t be seeing her friends for the summer months and her teachers too. So having a little get together with her classmates gave her something to be excited for. So, I thought about it for a few minutes and ice cream came to mind, what small child doesn’t like ice-cream.   I began to think about a quick and easy decoration to make and this came to mind!

Lantern Ice Cream Cones!  We have a lot of lanterns from an Alice in Wonderland Party we had so everything was right at my fingertips to make Ice Cream Cone Lanterns.

What you need:

  • Round Lanterns
  • Paper
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fishing line or string for hanging

The first thing we did was add double sided tape to one side of the paper.

ice-cream-cone-decorations 1

Then, we rolled the paper in to make a cone shape.

ice-cream-cone-decorations 2

Next, cut off the extra paper to create a even circular opening. You can also make the cone smaller at this point by cutting down the side and evening out the opening again.

ice-cream-cone-decorations 3

Now, hot glue the cone to the lantern. Make sure you do this quick so that the glue doesn’t dry on you.

ice-cream-cone-decorations 4

Here are a few pictures of the finished cones hanging up!

ice-cream-cone-decorations 5ice-cream-cone-decorations 6

A sneak peak of the Kick of the Summer Ice Cream Party which will post next!  Don’t forget to stop back by and see all the added details!

ice-cream-cone-decorations 7

These Ice cream Cone Lanterns can be used at a Birthday Party, Ice Cream Social or many other themed parties as fun decorations.