Upcycled Cereal Boxes to Casino or Poker Centerpieces.

Recycled-box-poker-centerpiece 8

Ok, I know I have done a few different Poker or Casino Night related centerpieces, well, this is the last project for now.  I had to do nine tables for my daughters Softball league Casino Night and I wanted a few different ones to give character to the theme.  Stop by and check out Casino Night Dice Centerpieces  and Budget Friendly Casino or Poker Centerpieces Made Out of Recycled Cans by clicking on the link.


What you will need:

  • Cereal Boxes
  • Hot Glue
  • Playing Cards
  • Black, Red and Gem ribbon
  • Styrofoam Ball
  • Tulle
  • Gemstones
  • Poker Chips
  • Skewers
  • Black Paint
  • Scissors

First, cut the cereal box just below the height of the playing cards.

Recycled-box-Poker-Centerpiece 1

Then, add hot glue to the box and add the playing cards. I choose to place some of the cards with the front of the card showing and then place the next card with the back of the card showing.  Continue this process, alternating front and back of cards around the entire box.

Recycled-box-poker-centerpiece 2

Next, you will want to cut all the ribbons to fit around the box.

Recycled-box-poker-centerpiece 3

Once, I cut the ribbon I hot glued the red ribbon (3/4″ Ribbon) to the inside of the black ribbon (1/2 ” Ribbon). Hot glue the ribbons around the middle of the box. Now, hot glue to the gem ribbon to the center of the red ribbon.

Recycled-box-poker-centerpiece 4

Casino-centerpieces 15

Now, hot glue half the Styrofoam ball into the inside of the Styrofoam box.  This will help with adding more decorations to the box later.

Recycled-box-poker-centerpiece 6

Finally, we hot glued some of the playing cards to the skewer that we painted black.  I tried to make poker sequences, but as you can see, I am not a poker player and glued the cards backwards.  Oops. My husband informed me this, when I showed him my finished products.

Recycled-box-poker-centerpiece 7

As you can see above and below, I glues tulle to the inside of the boxes, glues black gems on the tulle to give a little Bling, and glued poker chips to the tulle as well.  If you like the poker chip look check out my Personalized Poker Chips how to by clicking the link.

Here a picture of the finished product!

Recycled-box-poker-centerpiece 8

Poker and Casino Parties are so much fun even for the non-gamblers, add play money and the pressure is gone and everyone seems to have a great time!



Easter Peep Skewers

Peep-Candy-Skewers 11

Peeps!  I have to say that I honestly love Peeps.  I even buy them at the end of Easter and put them in the cabinet for a  later date.  Now, my love of these sugar covered marshmallows has been passed on to my children.  The girls wanted to do a last minute Easter craft and I had all the supplies to make Peep Skewers so and early morning craft was created.



What you will need!

  • Peeps
  • Skewers
  • Marshmallows
  • Powdered Sugar

I separated the supplies to make it easy for the girls to make the skewers.

Peep Candy Skewers 1

The first thing we did was roll the skewers in powdered sugar. This helped to make the Peeps and Marshmallows glide on easily. We also put more powder sugar on between added additional Peeps or marshmallows.

Peep-Candy-Skewers 2

The girls decided that they wanted to put a marshmallow, then a Peep Bird, then a marshmallow, then top it off with a Bunny.  You can get creative here and do anything you can imagine.

Peep-Candy-Skewers 4

Even my three year old daughter, was able to due this project. (Notice the messy hair and pajama’s, it was a early morning craft.)

Peep-Candy-Skewers 5

The girls were busy little workers.

Peep-Candy-Skewers 6

When we finished the Peep Skewers, we placed them in bags, to keep them fresh.

Peep-Candy-Skewers 3

We then added them to small Easter Baskets for a few of the girls friends and a bigger basket to place on our dessert table for Easter.

Peep-Candy-Skewers 7

Peep-Candy-Skewers 11

The girls had a blast making these delicious little treats, that they had to create a way to share them with their friends. They came up with the baskets idea pictures above.  This project was so quick and easy it is not to late to make a few to hand out on Easter or add to a basket for your dessert table!

Budget Friendly Casino or Poker Centerpieces Made Out of Recycled Cans.


When I began making these Casino Center pieces my goal was to make a fabulous centerpiece for as little money as possible.  So as always, the first thing I do was head to my craft supplies to see if anything would fit my casino theme.  I was in luck, I had quite a few things which I felt would work great. Then, I decided to head to the kitchen, yes the kitchen, I needs to see if I had a few cans goods that would work for for my idea. I did have three cans of pineapple that would work perfectly and my girls love pineapple so I knew I could open the pineapple and use them for dinner that night. I need skewers from the kitchen too. With these supplies and some from my craft supplies I knew I would be able to make a budget friendly centerpiece.

What you will need:

  • Empty Can
  • Playing Cards
  • Skewers
  • Red Wrapping Paper or Paper
  • Gem Stone Ribbon
  • Hot Glue
  • Tulle
  • Poker Chips
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Styrofoam ball

The first thing we did was wrap the can in red wrapping paper and cut it to fit around the can. (If you do not have red wrapping paper any red paper should work fine.) Then, hot glue the paper to the can.

Casino-night-centerpieces-can 1

Next, I glued the gem ribbon and playing cards to the can. I also glued half of a Styrofoam ball to the inside of the can to use later when filling the can.

Casino-night-centerpieces-can 2

I created a pennant banner and pennants for the cans with the my daughters softball leagues logo on them.  (This is a good way to personalize your centerpieces).  To make the pennant banner I painted three wood cut-outs in the shapes of triangles red, black, and white.  I added a logo to them simply by, printing and cutting them out of paper. Then, I tied them together with a red ribbon and glued the end two triangles to skewers, so I could place them in the centerpiece. (This is an optional step, these centerpieces would look great without them too.)

Casino-night-centerpieces-can 3

I then, hot glued all my pieces in the can.  I started with the cards I glued to a skewer in the middle.  Next, I added the tulle to the can. I place a pennant or pennant banner in the cans a little of center and the glued poker chips onto the tulle.

Casino-night-centerpieces-can 4

Here a few close ups pictures of the finished centerpieces.

Casino-night-centerpieces-can 5

Casino-night-centerpieces-can 6

If you like these you might also want to check out my Casino Night Dices Centerpieces and Personalized Poker Chips just click the link and it will take you there!

Teamwork Eagle Picture


My daughter Tiffany is in Girl Scouts and they do some pretty fun crafts when they get together. I just have to share this one particular craft!  The lesson the girls were learning was TEAMWORK.  They broke the girls up into six groups, they were shown a picture of and Eagle, then each group was assigned a part of the eagle to create. They had to work together to create there assigned part, which later would be added to one paper to create the Eagle.


Here are the steps they used to create their Eagle:

  1. Decide who will get the paper, this was a big deal because they got to choose the color of the paper too.  (Oh, I forgot to tell you these girls are 5 and 6 year olds.)
  2. Decide who will get the materials that they would be gluing to the paper.
  3. Decide who will be drawing the Eagles part they were assigned on the paper.
  4. Decide who will cut out the paper.
  5. Decide who will glue on the materials.
  6. Decide who will take the part to the Girl Scout Leader
  7. Everyone will clean up!  Teamwork!!

The interesting things about this teamwork exercise is that each groups did not know which parts or the size of the parts each others were creating.

Here is the a picture of the head created by one group.

Teamwork-Eagle 1

A picture of the body!

Teamwork-Eagle 2

Pictures of the wings created by two different groups.

Teamwork-Eagle 4

Teamwork-Eagles 6

Pictures of the talons created by two different groups.

Teamwork-Eagle 5

Teamwork-Eagles 3

The finished parts placed together on one paper to create the Eagle made by six groups!

Teamwork-Eagle 7

The group leaders, the girls, and I were so elated at how the Eagle turned out!  We all imaged it to be out of proportion, but it actually looked fantastic.

Upcycled Baskets Painted for Easter!


For the last few years, I have been looking for the perfect Easter Baskets for my girls.  When I’ve been out and about, I have found a few that I liked but, the price just seemed to high.  I have to say I am kind of a cheapskate.  I decided that I would head over to the Salvation Army to see if there were any basket, I know I have seen lots in the past.  I picked out four different ones and they ranged in price from $2.99 to $3.99, what a deal!!! Now,  that I had the baskets I decided that I wanted to paint part of the baskets to give it a dipped look.

Here is a picture of the baskets I found at the Salvation Army.

 Painted-Easter-Baskets 1

I then decided, that I would use some pastel spray paint that reminded me of Easter colors to create my dip look.

Painted-Easter-Baskets 2

I used painters tape to tape off the top part of the basket and create a line where the color would end.

Painted-Easter-Baskets 3

Then, I spray painted the basket.  Once, the paint was almost dry I removed the painters tape.

Painted-Easter-Baskets 4

Another, picture of the painted baskets.

Painted-Easter-Baskets 5

Once, I finished three of the baskets my daughter Becca throw a small fit because she wanted all the colors on her basket.  She gave me specific instructions on how she wanted the basket painted; Blue on the bottom, Purple in the middle, Green on the rim and a Pink handle. I was reluctant at first, I wanted hers to be look like the other girls but Becca was not happy, so I did as she asked.

This basket took a lot of tapping off between change colors.  Make sure you let the paint dry before you cover it with tape to paint the next section to avoid paint removal.

Painted-Easter-Baskets 6

Becca’s finished Easter Basket.  I do have to admit that the basket is really cute and if I was 3 almost 4 years old, I would love this basket!

Painted-Easter-Baskets 8

These baskets are now ready for the Easter Bunny to come fill them!

Painted-Easter-Baskets 7

It is amazing how a little color or a lot can change to look of an ordinary basket! Happy Easter!