DIY Juliet Costume from Gnomeo & Juliet

Gnome-costumes 13

My daughter fell in love with The Gnomeo and Juliet movie when it came out last year so, when Halloween came around all she wanted to be was Juliet. The one problem I came across was there were no costumes of Juliet available.  So Becca’s solution was for Mommy to make it. I am not a great seamstress so; I tried to make the costume, with the littlest amount of sewing possible, I upcycled old shirts for a few components to this costume.

I started by sewing the skirt.  This required one straight line of sewing to place the elastic at the top of the skirt.  Then, I folded the bottom of the skirt over about 1/2″ and created a hem. Final, I folded the fabric in half and sewed the skirt together!  Sewing straight lines wasn’t too bad. I also sewed the Gnome hat too.

Gnome-costume 1 Gnome-costume 2

The next thing we did was, use one of my Husbands old white under shirts and cut it up to make an Apron. The steps below show just how to cut the shirt. 1. Start with a plain white t-shirt. 2 Cut a straight line across the shirt under the armpits. 3. Cut off the sided into an apron shape leaving a strip for the tie. 4. Now you have your Apron shape. 5. Cut the back flap of the apron off. 6 Pull the tie part up to make a circle. 7. Cut the center of the circle. 8. Your apron is ready, add any embellishments your want.

Once, the apron was finished I tied it around the skirt.

Apron Collage

The next piece we created was the shirt or vest of the outfit. We purchased a shirt that fit my daughter just a little big. (There needs to be another shirt underneath) First, we cut the sleeves off.  Then, we cut the collar, to make it a scoop neck.  Now, that the shirt looks like a vest we added gold ribbon to make the embellishments on the Juliet Costume. I used E6000 glue to add the ribbons and then sewed on the gold buttons.

Vest Collage

Now, that we had all the components to the costume, we placed it together.  First, we put on the skirt. Then, the white shirt. Next, the vest over the white shirt. Now,  the best and final we added the apron to finish off the outfit.  Oh and the Gnome hat. My daughter was so excited how the costume turned out that she decided she wanted her twin’s sister to be Gnomes too.  I will show you how I placed theses costume together later.

Gnomeo and Juliet 5

A few pictures from Halloween night last year!  Becca wore her costume proudly alongside her sister >>>>>> from Monster High.

Juliet-costume 2  Juliet-costume 3

Young Maleficent Costume

Maleficent collage 3

The Disney Maleficent movie wowed movie goers when it was released this year.  I myself have not made it to the movies to see it but I cannot wait to curl up on the coach when it comes out on DVD.  I am sure that Maleficent will be a costume of choice for many this year. My daughter’s friend is one of those who will be wearing this costume, the only thing is, she wants to be the Young Maleficent from the movie, and this costume is not easily available and if you can find it, it is quite costly.   So, I was asked if I could help make the costume!  I can never turn down a chance to create something!!! She found a brown dress that can he used and altered as young Maleficent dress from another friend closet.  Now, she needed the wings and the horns that the young Maleficent wears, this is where I came in. I helped to create these…

What you need:

  • Hangers
  • Nylons
  • Brown Duct tape
  • Wire cutters
  • Headband
  • Brown Ribbon
  • Newspaper/ tissue paper
  • Brown feathers

First, we worked on making the wings.  Two hangers are required to make the wings   Untwist the hanger so the make an M-shape. Then, cut the second one to make a V-shape.  Once, you have these two shapes place them together and use pliers to twist the middle of the M to the tip of the V.  Then, twist the end on one leg of the M to one side of one of the V.  Now, you have your structure for the wings.

Young-Maleficent-Costume 1

I added duck-tape to the ends to help hold the wings together at all points we twisted.

Young-Maleficent-Costume 6

Here you will need to take your Nylons and cut them at the top of the legs.

Young-Maleficent-Costume 2

Now, take one leg of the Nylons and place it around one side of the wing.

Young-Maleficent-Costume 3

Repeat on the other side.

Young-Maleficent-Costume 4

We added more Duck tape tips to the top and bottom of the wings to create the horn like look, just like the wings in the movie.

Now, hot glue feathers to the wings and take the brown ribbon and wrap tips of the wings to give a finished look.  (We tied elastic bands to the center of the wings, so they could be worn. Sorry, I forgot to get a picture. oops)

Young-Maleficent-Costume 11

Now for the HORNS.

We started by using or scrape pieces of hanger to wrap around the head band to give support for the horns.  For extra support we hot glued them on place also.

Once, we had the support in place we wrapped it in newspaper and used duck-tape to shape the horns.

Young-Maleficent-Costume 8

Young-Maleficent-Costume 9

Young-Maleficent-Costume 10

They looked great in the brown duck-tape but, we wanted to make them a little fancier so we wrapping them in the same ribbon we used for the tips of the wings.

Young-Maleficent-Costume 12

Here is a picture of Carly modeling her YOUNG MALEFICENT COSTUME. The costume turned out great!

Young-Maleficent-Costume 13


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Maleficent collage 3




Upcycled Halloween Lanterns out of Glass Jars

halloween-jar 9

My daughters are always wanting to do crafts, so when I was working on making some pumpkins they asked, if they could do a craft too.  I told them to go grab some jars and we would make lanterns for Halloween. We always have a varied of jars around to do crafts and use when decorating things.

This post is written by Tiffany Hostetler (my 7 year old daughter)!

The Halloween Lanterns were made by Tiffany and her sister.

Pictures taken by Tiffany.

You will need:

  • Glass Jar
  • Spray Paint
  • Painters Tape

The first thing we did was take off the labels.

Halloween-jar 1

Then, Becca and I decided what to make the jar into. Becca cut out shapes for a pumpkin. I made a ghost.


Becca hand is small so she put the tape on the inside of the jar.

halloween-jar 2Halloween-jar 3

My mom helped Becca spray paint the inside of her jar orange.

Halloween-jar 5

Becca was so happy with her jar.

Halloween-jar 11

Then, I spray painted the inside of my jar white.

halloween-jars 6

Halloween-jars 7

We let the jars dry.

Halloween-jars 8

Then, we removed the tape from the jars.  They are ready to place candles inside when it gets dark.

halloween-jar 9

The girls did such a good job making Upcycled Halloween Lanterns out of Jars, other than assisting them with the spray paint they were able to perform the project themselves. We used flameless candles inside the Lanterns and placed them on the window seal to be seen from outside.

Spooky Outside Halloween Decorations

halloween 13

Halloween is one of my husband and my favorite holiday; we can’t wait for October to come around so we can start decorating.  Most of our scary decorations are outside because Jim likes to scare little ones as they come to the door.  He is what most little ones call a giant, due to the fact that he is 6′ 7″, so when he stands outside in costume the kids don’t think he is real.  So yes, we have live interactive decorations at our house.

Over the years we have collected quite a few scary creatures to hang or stand around the house.  We like to purchase a few Halloween creatures after Halloween when the prices are marked down.  We always make sure to grab a few bags of webbing too.

When decorating we always start by placing spider web webbing all over the place, in bushed, along the walls and strung from the house.

halloween 10

halloween 11

Next, we place our creatures, hanging from the house, trees, in the bushes and sitting on chairs.

Halloween 3

halloween 4

Halloween 6

halloween 5

A fun inexpensive way to add scary creatures is take you own clothes stuff them with newspaper and place them together; add gloves for hands, boots for feet and a cheap mask, or even a pumpkin for a head.  (At night when it’s dark it is very hard to tell whether fake or real.)

Halloween 2

halloween 8

We incorporate light up eyes, bats, rats, and spiders into the decorations too. Don’t forget to place pumpkins out too!

halloween 7

halloween 9

We also create a graveyard on our front yard with tomb stones and bones.

Halloween 1

Here is a picture of my Husband ready to scare the next round of kids that come by.

halloween 14

Here are few pictures of the house at night time.  We also add black lights and fog machines on Halloween night.

halloween 15

halloween 13

halloween 12

Having the house decorated for Halloween makes Halloween Night even more fun.  We enjoy being known as the house, you have to stop by on Halloween.  Neighborhood kids always bring their friends for a good scare.

Halloween Milk Bottles

Halloween-Milk-jars 9

I had the honor to be a part of a fun Dollar Bin Challenge with a few other amazing bloggers.  Milk bottles for the target beens were chosen as our challenge.  I couldn’t have been any happier that we are using Milk Bottles; I had been eyeing them for a while but needed a good reason to purchase some.  I actually ended up purchasing a dozen of them and using them for my daughter’s birthday knowing that I would be using them for this challenge too. There are so many things you can do with these cute little milk bottles, I decided to use mine as Halloween Inspired Milk Bottles that would be fun for any party or for the kiddo’s to drink from the whole month of October.

What you will need:

  • Milk Bottles
  • Spray Paint
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Straw
  • Witches Hat
  • Metal bolts
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue

The first thing I did was spray paint two of the milk bottles one white and one orange. I spray painted the outside of the bottles to ensure they are safe to drink from.

Halloween-milk-jars 6

Then, I hand painted two bottles one with a black medallion and one all green.  I didn’t have green spary paint but brushing the paint on worked too.

Next, I hand painted the faces on the bottles.  I also painted the caps of the bottles to go along with each bottle. The Ghost and Pumpkin bottles were really simply to do! Spray paint and paint face only.

Halloween-milk-jars 5

Halloween-Milk-Jar 13

Halloween-Milk-Jar 14

The nexted two bottles I added embelishments too.

The Witch Milk Bottle I painted the little black medallion and painted in white paint “Witches Brew”.  I painted the lid black and hot glued a witched hat to the lid. To finish off the Witch I cut the end of a straw to make it look like a broom to go along with the bottle.

Halloween-milk-jar 15

The last milk bottle in the set is a Frankenstein Milk Bottle, for this bottle I painted the bottle with green paint and then painted a face and black hair.  I painted the cap on this bottle black to match the hair. Once, the paint dried I hot glued two bults to the side of the mik bottle.

Halloween-Milk-Jars 11

Halloween-Milk-Jar 12

Halloween-milk-jars 12

Here are the finished Halloween Milk Bottles.

Halloween-Milk-jars 9

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