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  • Fun Disney Frozen Party!

    Disney Frozen parties seem to be happening every time I turn around.  My daughters were invited to one just the other day, sister sharing a birthday party, fits very well [Read more]
  • Jellyfish Lanterns

    Looking for that under the sea party idea? These Jellyfish Lanterns will add a huge impact on your party, create a underwater feel and are easy to do with minimal cost. I had [Read more]
  • Elf on the Shelf Ideas

    Wow, I never would have thought that Elf on the Shelf would become such a fun family tradition. Last year my kids were surprised when the Elf showed up at our house. They [Read more]
  • DIY Award Medallion Ribbon

    DIY Award Medallion Ribbons can be used for so many different things such as; award ceremonies, prizes, birthdays, centerpieces and so much more. I actually use mine in a [Read more]
  • Burlap Hanging Earring Holder

    Do you ever wonder where to put your stud earring so they don’t get lost?  Well, my daughter Tiffany got her ears pierced last year and has started to get quite a [Read more]
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Stepping Stool Makeover

by simplycreativeways in Clever Household Tips

Sometimes the little touches in a room have the biggest impact.  I recently did a bathroom décor makeover and I had two stepping stools for my daughters to use while [Read more]






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