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  • May-Day-Door-Hanger

    May Day Baskets

    May Day has been a traditional day of festivities throughout the centuries for many countries.  Each Country has its own reason for celebrating May 1st.  May Day is mostly [Read more]
  • No Picture

    Golf Caddy Cozy Coupes

    My Twins fight over a Cozy Coupe my friend has a her house every time we go to visit, so when my twins turned one, a few of our friends bought the girls their own Cozy [Read more]
  • personalized summer buckets

    Personalized Summer Gift Buckets

    Start off you summer by giving a Personalized Summer Gift Buckets to friends or host a party and give them out as party gifts. At the end of the school year I like to host [Read more]
  • Laminated-Labels 10

    Sport Baskets

    When I got nominated to be Team Mom for my daughters softball team I did not realize all the responsibilities that really came along with it.  My main duty is to keep [Read more]
  • Elvis-gift-basket-1

    Elvis Presley Gift Basket

    My Mother-in-Law and her friend were going to Las Vegas for a 50th Wedding Anniversary.  A few of the friends decided to go in on a present.  They wanted to make it [Read more]
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Thank You Sports Tags

by simplycreativeways in DIY Crafts

The fall sports season is about to start, whether it be; soccer, softball, basketball or any other sport, it seems as if every sport has two seasons now a days for [Read more]






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Welcome to Simply Creative Ways. My name is Jenny Hostetler. I am a stay at home mom that loves to let my creativity run wild. {Read More}

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