Quick DIY Paper Placemats

placemat 2 Collage

I wanted to set table settings for my daughter’s birthday, complete with placemats.  I tried a few out that I had at home and they where just too big for the tables that I was setting. So what to do in this case…Make your own Placemats. This was so easy and fun. The first thing I did was purchase the plates, I was going to serve the food on and find a piece of card stock that the plates fit.  I actually was of able to use 8 x 10 pieces of card stock, the plate reaches right to the edgeof the paper but it worked just fine!


Once, I had my paper I used a Martha Stewart Doilies Maker to cut the edges.

I think the Martha Stewart Doilie maker has a fun design and you can measure on it, which made it easy for me to get all the corners to match.. Once you finish punching one, move to the next corner of your paper, once all four corners are finished you have a place mat. Simple as that!!

placemat Collage

By making the placemats, I was able to use different colors which made for a colorful table! I also used the Martha Stewart Doilies Maker to create Doilies to set the Seashell and Burlap Bottles on I made for the party.  Click here for the step by step on my Seashell and Burlap Bottles.

It is amazing how changing the placemats transformed table. The littlest thing such as placemats can make such a huge difference.

Here are a few pictures of the Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party table set up.  As you will see we alternated the placemat at each spot and used different color doilies as well.

Placemats 6

Placemats 7

Placemats 10

Placemats 8

If you like the flowers in the middle that are actually headbands, stop by DIY Under the Sea Mermaid Headbands and see how they are made.


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 placemat 2 Collage

Under the Sea Party Food Menu

Collage Food Menu 1

This Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party has been a fun party for me to plan.  I usually do not make food that goes with the party theme and I have to say it was a blast.  I had specific request from the birthday girl on what to serve and I was able to do all of it with an under the sea flare to them.


Here is a fun Under the Sea Menu that will be pleasing to most of those little ones out there.

  • Main Dishes:  Sebastian Sandwiches and Seashell pasta.
  • Side Dished:  Fish Food Fruit Kabobs, Whale Crackers, and Gold Fish
  • Dessert:  Clam Cookies and Little Mermaid Ariel Cake
  • Drinks: Sea Water and Mermaid Juice


Crab Sandwiches aka Sebastian Sandwiches .to see how we made these fun little eyes for these crabby sandwiches are click the link:  Crab Sandwiches … Under the Sea Party Food .

The first Sebastian Sandwich we made were peanut butter and jelly on a croissant roll with toothpick eyes.

under-the-sea-party-food 4

The second Sebastian Sandwiches were made with Turkey and Cheese on a mini croissant roll with little eye toothpicks.

under-the-sea-party-food 5

The Sebastian Sandwiches were such a big hit with all the girls at the party, below is a picture of how we displayed them at our Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party.


Seashell Pasta one of my daughters favorites food was simply shell pasta with butter and garlic salt.  Simple but yummy.

under-the-sea-party-food 8

Fish Food was offered as a side, fresh fruit made into fruit kabobs, what little one doesn’t like food on a skewer.

under-the-sea-party-food 9

Whales and Goldfish, crackers straight out of the box, can’t get any easier than that and fits the theme just perfect.

under-the-sea-party-food 7

For Dessert I didn’t want to serve to many sweets because of the cake, but my daughter really wanted these Clam Cookies, click here Clam Cookies perfect for any Under The Sea Theme Party for a step by step how to make these fun and delicious cookies.

under-the-sea-party-food 6

We are bless to have Mom (Grandma Hoss) that used to be a Cake Baker in her past career so she made a beautiful Little Mermaid Ariel Cake! Grandma Hoss really out did herself this time. The details on the cake where amazing, she even made edible chocolate seashells. Not to mention it was Yummy too!!

 Ariel-cake 3

Mermaid Juice, was a blue punch purchased at the store.  Sea Water was simply purified water in a pitcher.

Under-the-sea-party-food 21

Here is a picture of the food table display for my daughters Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party.

under-the-sea-party-food 1

This is now one of my favorite parties that I have hosted for my daughters, you really can’t go wrong with a Little Mermaid or Under the Sea Party!


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Collage Food Menu 1


Crab Sandwiches … Under the Sea Party Food

crab-sandwich 5

Do you ever wonder what to do with these fun candies eyes in the baking isle at Michaels?? I always see them and never really have had the use for them. Now, that I have them I can’t wait to use them for more projects.  For this projcet we used them as eyes for our crab Sandwiches that we are serving at our Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party we are having for my four year old daughter.  We decided to call these fun little sandwiches Sabastian Sandwiches after the fun little red crab named Sabastian in the Little Mermaid Movie.  Who happens to be one of my favorite characters too!

We started off making the eyes for our crab sandwiches.

Crab-sandwich 1

I actually used a glue gun to glue the eyes to a toothpick. (You can also use a stiff frosting for this so they are edible.)  I set them aside placed in a Styrofoam to hold the eyes in pairs until we placed them on the sandwiches. I have to say these eyes standing here make me think a little of Halloween.

Crab-sandwich 2I made two different types of sandwiched per my daughter request, Peanut Butter and Jelly on mini croissants with two toothpick eyes.

Crab-sandwich 3

We also made Turkey and Cheese on mini croissant with two toothpicks for eyes for the other sandwiches.

crab-sandwich 4

Here is an example of how we displayed them at the party! They are so cute and fit out them just perfect.

crab-sandwich 5

The girls love the sandwiches, they got a kick out of the eyes and a few of them pulled them of the sticks and eat them…I did have to make sure there was no glue on them!  These would be cute for a school lunch too!


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Clam Cookies perfect for any Under The Sea Theme Party!

clam-cookies 8

My daughter saw several different pictures of cute clam cookies on Pinterest and ready wanted me to them for her birthday.  I was having so much fun making all the props for her party and setting up when I realized I hadn’t made the cookies.  So, when we ran to the store, to get the food for the party, we head over to the cookie isle to find a prebaked cookie resembling a clam shell. I did not have time to bake clam shell shaped sugar cookies, so store bought had to do.


What you will need:

  • Cookies (store bought or baked)
  • Frosting
  • Pearl Candy

Clam-cookie 1

We started off by making our own frosting, but you can use store bought and it should work just fine.  If the store bought is to thin you might want to add some powder sugar and beat in a mixer until it thickens. Add frosting to the bottom of one of the cookies; make sure that one half of the cookie has a little more than the other half.

 clam-cookies 2

Now, add a pearl candy to the cookie with frosting, pkace it on the side with the least frosting. Due to the fact that I almost forgot to make these cookies, I only had gold pearls big enough to fit the size of cookie we purchased, so if you are making these I would use WHITE, in time crunches you just make thing happen with what you have!

clam-cookies 3

Now, take another cookie and place it with the bottom of the cookie on top of the cookie you just placed the frosting and pearl on.

clam-cookies 4

Here you have it Clam Cookies!

clam-cookies 5

I was using the clam cookies we made for my daughters Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party so I had a little fun when I plated them.  I placed them on the plate and it looked to plain so I quickly removed the cookies and added two different colored sprinkles to the plates.

clam-cookie 6

clam-cookies 7

Then, we placed the cookies back on the plate and the cookies were ready for the party!

clam-cookies 6

The cookies fit in just perfect with the decoration for the Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party and they tasted yummy too!

clam-cookies 8

The best thing about this last minute Clam Cookie creation it that it took less than a half hour to make and My Daughter was very Happy!

Care Bear Inspired Birthday Party

Carebear Collage 1

My little niece turned 3 this last weekend and I had the honor to attend her Care Bear Party with my Family. When I walked throught the door, I felt like a little girl again myself. My Brother walked up to me and asked if this theme brought back memories, well it sure did for the both of us.  When I was little I loved Care Bears, I even have mine from childhood and all my girls have one of their own now.

My sister-in-law did a amazing job transforming their home into a Care Bear land.  She was resourceful and used cut up card board boxes to create painted mural back grounds of the care bear lands.  She strung rainbow streamers all over the house going in different direction and created rainbows with heart embellishments.  Several rainbow pennant banners were hung around the house and yard.  She also used cotton to create clouds around floral arrangements on the tables and the cake table as well.

Care bear Collage 2

The hostess made cupcakes with rainbow and stars on them and a Care Bear cake using a Wilson Cake Pan and a rainbow cake mix from the grocery store.

Care Bear Collage 3

This Care Bear party was so much fun.  My Sister-in-law did an amazing job, any little girl would have been happy to share in this special day.  I forgot to get a picture but all the kiddo’s had a chance to swing at  a Rainbow Pinata and took a bag of candy home as party favor.

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Carebear Collage 1